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Great article about Storm Stoppers in the The Oklahoman:  http://newsok.com/article/5386609

Original 3/8” Storm Stoppers are a lightweight and strong alternative to heavy plywood panels for temporary protection during storms & nor’easters. Storm Stoppers are the first and only Large Missile 2 x 4’ and Wall of Wind Hurricane Simulator-tested DIY temporary storm window protection product that installs without penetrating anchors such as screws and bolts.

Like other great customer-focused companies such as Amazon & Dell, Storm Stoppers sells our Safe, Simple & Self-Installed Plywood Alternative window protection product direct to the end-use, retail customer. We do not distribute our product through “big box” home improvement chains, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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Here are the benefits that homeowners love about our Original 3/8” Storm Stoppers Storm Window Protection product:

  • Storm Stoppers are an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation and can be cut with just a carpet knife—no power tools are needed!
  • Storm Stoppers are lightweight and easy to re-install before a storm, often in less than a minute per window.
  • Storm Stoppers are translucent and let in lots of light.
  • Storm Stoppers innovative use of the patented 3M Dual Lock Fastening System means there are no unsightly holes in your home, nor unsafe bolts protruding.
  • Storm Stoppers have protected many homes during six major storms since 2005, including 2008’s Hurricane Ike and 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.
  • Storm Stoppers have passed the Large Missile 2 x 4’ Test.
  • Storm Stoppers have been Wind Tested at the “Wall of Wind” Hurricane Simulator at Miami’s Florida International University (FIU). This Wind Testing simulated winds and rain in winds to the 130 mph top speed of a Category 3 Hurricane. See the Wall of Wind Video below!
  • Storm Stoppers have been Building Code Approved for many years within the following hurricane-affected states: Georgia, South Carolina, Hawaii & Louisiana. Certain Building Code Officials in these states have said that they like that Storm Stoppers put no holes in the home’s siding, let in lots of light & can be easily removed from the inside in an emergency.
  • Storm Stoppers are the first and only DIY storm window protection product that gives the homeowner a fast and safe exit from every opening in an emergency! To remove Storm Stoppers from the inside, homeowners would open the window and push hard against the Storm Stoppers panel.

Our office is in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Our business hours are from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday. If you have any further questions, please call us at 407- 423-5959 or Toll Free at 877- 575-7788. You can also contact us here.

Storm Stoppers are in stock for immediate shipment. The average receipt time, from date of order to delivery is 7 business days (in most Eastern states).

Existing customers, make sure you check out the Tune Up Service page for information about keeping your Storm Stoppers functioning properly: Tune Up Service

Thank you for your interest in Storm Stoppers® The Plywood Alternative®.

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